Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair

If you’re tired of long curly hair, it’s time for curly short hairstyle. Find out if short curly hairstyles are right for you and how to care for them.
Are you tired of your long, unruly curls? Do you have time requirements that make your hour-long hairstyling session simply too tedious? Is the ponytail getting old and boring? Then it’s time to try out some hairstyle for short curly hair! Short curly hairstyles offer you a world of versatility. Within minutes, you can switch from a fun, spunky look to an elegant, haute-couture appearance. All you need is some adequate styling gel or your basic curling iron and some fancy, rhinestone-studded hairpins.

For the cut, the current pixie and Crop haircuts will work for short curly hairstyles. Both haircuts draw attention to the eyes and look fantastic on women with fine features or small faces. If your features are larger or more masculine, you may want to keep your longer hair or opt for a different short hairstyle – although some full curls at the crown of the head can soften a square chin.
Short curly hairstyles can be very short on the top and sides but look best with the proper amount of layering. After all, you don’t want to entirely eliminate those curls – or worse, end up with a helmet head! The best type of layering for curly hair is called stacked layering, in which the layers are cut at angles toward the face, curving in so that your curls will actually cascade, not just protrude in a haze of frizz. If your curly hair tends to be very bushy, almost Afro, ask your hairdresser to thin your hair to tame it.
There’s some more good news for short curly hairstyles: They are definitely low maintenance. Unless a woman has naturally super straight hair, she has to spend some time straightening her hair for a smooth look. Your short curly hair, on the other hand, can be set in place with a good hair mousse, gel, hair spray or serum. A quick blow dry later and some hairpins, and you’re ready to go! If you’re seeking a more elegant evening look, put your hair in rollers to obtain more defined curls.
Since curly hair tends to be dry, remember to properly condition short curly hairstyles. A deep conditioner applied once a week can work wonders. The advantage of this shorter hairstyle is that you won’t spend such a long time blow drying your hair, so your curly hair will be in much better shape, looking healthy and shiny.

Short Curly Hairstyles.

1.Curly Pixie Cut For Short Hair.

Pixie cut requires low maintenance and serves well for semi-curly and curly hair. It doesn’t need a lot of products which can just weigh the curls down. It also offers an added advantage when the weather happens to be humid or too cold causing the hair to frizz since it would just go along with mussed look that is common with pixie hairstyles.
Curly Pixie Cut For Short Hair.

2.Spikes Haircut

For a punk and edgy look that is great for short hairstyles, wax your waves and curls in a spiky style. This hairstyle suits women and men alike and often adapted by sports figures, actors and musicians. To achieve this look, coat both your palms with pomade or wax when your hair gets dry. Thoroughly work your hands through your hair. Stretch out your curls to form spikes and clump together to achieve a “piecey” look. The benefit of the spike style is that your hair may be messy but still look very cool.
Spikes Haircut

3.Wavy Crop

Classic example of a wavy crop is Halle Berry’s iconic short wavy hairstyle. Her naturally curly hair is cut very short on the sides and back with longer curly strands on top that also serve as crop bangs. Halle Berry have been known to wear all sorts of hairstyle from short, medium to long, but she is most photographed in her short wavy hairstyle styled in so many ways, attesting to the versatility of the hairstyle. She wears it with edgy spikes or smooth soft curls on top, or with pretty curls all over the head, styles that are very flattering to Halle Berry’s gorgeous face.
Wavy Crop Haircut for Short Curly hair

4.Wavy Bob

Two of the most typical wavy short bob is Milla Jovovich’s and Charlize Theron’s among others. This short wavy hairstyle is full of texture and volume and as versatile as the wavy crop. It is either paired with bangs or simply given a center or side part, depending on what suits a particular face shape. This is the perfect short wavy hairstyle for women with curly hair who can’t bring herself to have her straightened.
Wavy Bob For Short Curly Hairstyles

5.Short Bouncy Haircut

Here is a real short bouncy haircut, I like this better than other cuts because it is not so tapered to the head, it still has some volume, body and bounce and I like that a lot!

6.Short Blonde Fringes

you can try fringes styles, with the waves fringe waves just over the eyebrows, or a side fringe combined with short wavy curls just like below picture.

7.Curly Bob

You can still be stylish with a bob hairstyle even if you have short curly hair. As a matter of fact, your natural curls will just make the bob more noticeable and will give additional volume to the hair, most especially when it’s short.

8.Cute Short Layered Haircuts

Cute Short Layered Haircuts appear quite edgy and fashionable. The layered style can make your hair more chic and easy to maintain. Of course, you can pair it with blunt side bangs. To create a layered style, you can avoid a lot of damage to your hair and you can make a lot of volume in your hair. In addition, layering your hair can help solve the problem of split ends.
Cute Short Curly Layered Haircut

9.Chin-length Curly Bob

One of the curly bob hairstyle is a chin-length curly bob that is a perfect bob for women with naturally curly hair. Keira Knightley’s chin-length wavy bob is the perfect example of this hairstyle, a little messy and tousled and very appealing.