Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Wedding day is the most important day in a girl’s life that’s why she does her best to look perfect and flawless. She look for the most luxurious gown, accessories and choose appropriate makeup and hairstyle. So, if you are a future bride and you are done with all the accessories and wedding outfits then it’s the high time to think of a hairstyle? Long hair? That’s great because I am going to offer you the trendiest Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair for 2019.

1.Long Straight Wedding Hairstyle

Long straight hair is very classy and elegant. This simple hairstyle tends to showcase your shiny hair color be it dark or light. You can go for a cool straight style and beautify it with a cute crown on the top part. It will make you look like a real queen of the day. This easy hairstyle can be achieved even by yourself.
Long Straight Wedding Hairstyle For Long Hair

2.Long Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Long curls are luxurious in their styles and they look sophisticated even without additional accessories. Using hair curling machines, hair teasing comb and hair spray you are welcome to get a fantastically romantic hairstyle for your big day. If you like you can decorate it with flowers or jeweled chains according to your wedding dress.
Long Curly Wedding Hairstyle

3.Long Side Pulled Wedding Hairstyle

Side swept or side pulled hairstyles are very trendy in 2016. Even short-haired ladies try to achieve pretty side parted hairstyles because they are not only spiffy and elegant but also highlight your femininity. You can curl your locks or go for loose waves and then pull to one side. Secure it with large hair accessories or flower-shaped decorations as finishing touch. The desired superb romantic look is ready to capture many hearts.
Long Side Pulled Wedding Hairstyle

3.Long Bohemian Wedding Hairstyle

What do you think about bohemian weddings? They are so simple and attractive. Nowadays many ladies opt for this style to beautify their wedding parties. There is akin of subtlness in each bohemian bride. If you have decided to wear a delicate bohemian hairstyle you’d better focus on the accessories and decorations. Long relaxed waves are enough for a tender bohemian hairstyle. Fresh flowers, chains and cute headbands help you beatify this easy and simple hairstyle and the final result is more than delightful.
Long Bohemian Wedding Hairstyle

4.Long Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle For Long Hair

A simple ponytail? No, this is not your common pony. It’s a retro inspired glamorous ponytail hairstyle decorated with small and subtle accessories which bring out hair colors with all their hues. In order to showcase your pretty facial features you can opt for a vintage ponytail hairstyle. It can be either curled or wavy at the tips.
Long Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle

6.Long Loose Waves

Long hair allows us to go for as many delicate hairstyles as possible. Even common and cute loose waves are great for wedding days. They are generally combined with various headbands, crowns or chain decorations which tend to show off your fresh and shiny hair color. If you have long bangs you can curl them into loose waves for a well-balanced and more harmonious effect.
Long Loose Waves

7.Long Braided Hairstyle for Brides

Loose braids are so pretty on long hair. They are thick and very girlish. Actually braided hairstyles are perfect for brides as they highlight your femininity and girlish nature. You can opt for any plait you like most because there are millions of braided hairstyles for long locks.
Long Braided Hairstyle for Brides